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Lazar Angelov: East Mode Workout

Luckily, thanks to the advent of the internet, there’s no reason to have to invest in a personal trainer. Online programs, such as the East Mode 90 day body transformation package (with personal coach Lazar Angelov), offer all the guidance you’ll need to get in great shape, fast.

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Concept of “Shen” in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The concept of “shen” is a fundamental part of traditional Chinese medicine. “Shen” is considered to be one of the three treasures that forms life: Jing, the essence, Qi, the life-force, and “Shen, which is usually translated as the “spirit.” “Shen” embodies consciousness, mind, or thought.

It is “shen” that raises the consciousness of human beings above that of other living creatures.

The earliest discourse on “shen” is in the ancient Chinese medical text—Huangdi Neijing or the Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Classic—in the section called, “The Root of Spirit.”