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Unreal Rescue In Baton Rouge Floodwater

Well in her defense, one of the most dangerous aspects for a first responder in a water rescue is actually the swimmer in distress. Wish it was not that way; but, the reality is that a lot of people who are in the act of drowning will actively try to grab on to the rescuer which can result in them both dying.

Christina Grimmie Murdered At Meet and Greet

I hate this. I hate this more than most any story I’ve had to cover in the past year. Someone who gave themselves to people, and had so much more to offer, taken away in their prime at such a young age. ALSO Video notes: This video will not be monetized because I feel like the message and news is whats important here and this is not a normal day for me to upload a story like this, so it would have felt dirty, especially since this hits so close to home for our community.

Gorilla grabs child who’s fallen into habitat at Cincinnati Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo has been packed with visitors this holiday weekend when many of them were shocked by an incident in which a 4-year-old boy crawled through a railing and fell into a moat in a gorilla habitat.

A family trip to the zoo Saturday afternoon turned terrifying, witness Kim O’Connor said.

O’Connor and her family captured some of the chilling moments inside Gorilla World when 17-year old Harambe grabbed the boy — video seen only on WLWT.

WLWT has removed the most graphic portions of the video, during which the gorilla dragged the boy through the water.